Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas for 2020

There is lots of work you have to do in this holiday season including decorating your home. 

But this time it will not be easy because of coronavirus. We have to take precautions with our friends and our loved ones while applying these indoor Christmas decoration ideas.


15 Christmas Indoor Decoration Ideas for you

1. Snowman at the Fridge

If you have white colour fridge then turn it into a cute snow man with some paper cut outs and ribbons.


2. DIY Christmas Snow Globes

You can get everything you need for Mason jar snow globes at your local craft store.

Add all inside the jar and use ribbon tied it up.


3. Display Photo as Decor

Christmas is all about love and togetherness with family and friends.

You can display your family holiday’s photo frames decorated with red ribbons to build a festival vibe.


4. Window Decorating Ornaments

Decorate your living room windows with ribbon and colourful balloons.


5. Tree of Candies

Why limit candies only up to candies? You can use it for decoration too. Purchase candies in a big amount of different colours and designs add them in Christmas tree.


6. Decorate Your Kitchen

If you want to decorate your kitchen then hang a long garland and wreaths above its window.


7. Decorate around Your Fireplace

Don’t leave your fireplace undecorated, take some reed-white socks and garlands and start decorating around it.

You can hang big wreaths above the fireplace on wall for a big effect.


8. String Lights Lantern

If you have transparent old lanterns or mason jars in your home then clean them and add string lights inside. Your decor item is ready.

If you are searching for outdoor Christmas decoration ideas then hang these lanterns in your outdoors.


9. Christmas Vibes on Dining Table

Don’t forget your dining table during this festival.

Use red and white colour combo plates, glass, spoons and handkerchiefs, etc. to create Christmas vibes.


10. Wine Glass Candle Combo

Add some creativity on your dining table by using wine glasses and candles.

You can put wine glass upside down and keep a candle on it.


11. Hanging Ball

Don’t stop yourself only to garlands and wreaths for Christmas decoration. You can hang Christmas balls in the stairs, ceiling and windows.

Play around with different colours and sizes for more elegant beauty.


12. Use Christmas Stockings

Why not hang stockings on door from inside. You can go more further to combine white and red stocking.


13. DIY Peppermint Topiary

This decor can be a great centrepiece for this festival. You can make this DIY Peppermint Topiary in home, visit this blog for more details.


14. Decorate Chandelier

Most house owners have beautiful chandeliers in their dining room. You can give it an adorable look by adding ornaments and ribbons.


15. Kitchen Cabinet Door

It is the simplest DIY Christmas decorating you can find in this blog. Just buy a big red ribbon with white dot and decorate your kitchen cabinet door.


You can tell your all-time favourite Christmas decor ideas in the comment section.

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